Swing Conveyor

The Swing Conveyorfor transfer of various types of vials, bottles, jars or any product for powder filling or liquid filling line. Swing Conveyor suitable for online operation/transfer of any products from one area to another or from one machine to another. Swing Conveyor can also be used to adjust the packing area length with other machines.

We also have swing conveyor system for use mainly in pharmaceutical industries. Swing conveyor is suitable for easy movement of material or operator. Swing conveyor can be open like door for easy movement without disturbing the setup of complete line.

Swing Conveyor available in various length as well as width of 85mm, 90mm, 100mm, 125mm in stainless steel slat or plastic slat belt depending on type of products. The conveyor system is available in various speed ranges with option of fixed speed or variable speed drive system using a. C. Variable frequency drive system.

We can also design and supply conveyor as per customer's customized requirement for use on any packing line in pharmaceuticals, food, chemical, pesticide or other industries.