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Ampoul / Vial Labeling Machines are most suitable and widely used in pharmaceutical for labeling application. Ampoul / Vial Labelling Machines are designed for Full / Partial labeling on small & Thin Diameter, difficult to handle, round products such as Vials, Ampoules and Test Tubes. Ampoul / Vial labeling machines are suitable for independent operation and can also be connected with line operation.

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  • This Model used for Ampoules / Vials and other smaller dia round products
  • Speed of the Ampoule / Vial Labelling Machine 100 – 200 products / Min (Depend upon label length)
  • Loading and unloading is done with help of loading tray / conveyor and collection tray
  • Applications: Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics / Beverages / Diary/ Food Industry etc
Ampoule / Vial Labelling Machine