Bottle Leak Testing Machine

Leak tester is designed for plastic bottles or containers leak testing Bottle Leak Tester machine will check the bottlers whether it will leak or not. There will be auto rejection system for leaked bottles. This system can be online with Eminence make bottle Unscrambler or Bottle De-flasher machine.

Why Bottle Leak Tester?

We are engaged in providing a wide range of Bottle Leak Tester Machine. We are successfully meeting the demands of Food / Edible & Lubricant Oil / Cosmetic and pharmaceutical & Plastic/ PET bottle Manufacture industry, where our range is used for testing the seal of soft packaging. Our quality Bottle Leak Tester Machine is suitable for every kind of containers and bottles.


Packing Belt Conveyor

  • Detects micro / pin holes with great repeatability
  • Stores up to 10 different parameter settings and are adjustable during testing
  • Festo & Imported make valves & cylinder
  • Imported Pressure Sensor for accurate & consistent measurement
  • Adjustable test heads
  • Quick changeover of various bottles without change part tooling
  • Easy setup via touch screen
  • Typically able to test most bottles for a 0.17 mm pin hole of 0.5 -1 liters at 3600 Bph

Optional Features

  • Camera checking system before/after Leak test
  • Weight checking system before/after Leak test
  • Container Top-bottom De-flasher before Leak test
  • Acrylic or Polycarbonate enclosure in frame
  • Online ionized air cleaning of containers
  • Accumulation conveyor or Turn Table of unscrambled containers
  • Container counting
  • Online labelling